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PostFix Directory not found - admin - 12-29-2017

I found this answer which fixed my issue of this error message

Try this in a Terminal windows this is using Linux Ubuntu 16.04 and Postfix Ver 3.1.0 and the Webmin interface ver 1.870.
the command will of course work regardless of the webmin use or not

possible solution:
thufir@mordor:~$ sudo touch /var/mail/thufir
thufir@mordor:~$ sudo chown thufir:mail /var/mail/thufir
thufir@mordor:~$ sudo chmod o-r /var/mail/thufir
thufir@mordor:~$ sudo chmod g+rw /var/mail/thufir
thufir@mordor:~$ mail
No mail for thufir